Saturday, August 08, 2009

Green Bay wedding Photographer: Nick and Greta {Married}!!!!

Yesterday (Friday) I photographed Nick and Greta's wedding! It was a rainy, gray day, but we had a great time regardless, and got some awesome pictures!!! Greta was so funny all day, striking her "fashion model" was hilarious! Greta's dress was was kind of a blush/beige color in layers of lace and folded satin...really beautiful!!

Thank you for having me be part of your big day!!!

n and g_-3

n and g_-2

n and g_

n and g blog-2

n and g blog

n and g_-4

n and g blog-3

n and g blog-4

n and g blog-5

n and g blog-6

n and g blog-7

n and g_-6

n and g_-5

n and g blog-8

n and g_-7



Anonymous said...

Aubrey these pictures are amazing! I love the umbrella pic. So sweet:)

Anonymous said...

WOW...Really I love all the pics you do, but there is something extra amazing about black and whites! These are truly wonderful pictures, some of the best yet!

Dad / Grandpa said...

You couldn't learn your talent, it has to be natural! Excellent work, Aubrey....As Nick's Grandpa, I am so impressed, Thank you!

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