Sunday, August 09, 2009

Green Bay wedding Photographer: Nate and May Ling {Married}!!!

Today (Saturday) I photographed Nate and May Ling's wedding extravaganza!!! I'd have to say that everything today worked out the way it was supposed to. The rain came in the morning, well before the ceremony...then the sun came out..and all was gorgeous and perfect! Speaking of gorgeous and perfect... Nate and May Ling- you were both so wonderful to spend the day with today!!! I loved meeting both of your families, and getting a chance to photograph and dance with them was a riot! Your different cultures coming together today was a beautiful thing and I could tell how much it meant to you both that your families were involved!

Thank you so much for having us be part of everything, right from the get go I could tell we would be a great match!!!

Gorgeous flowers and decor provided by the fabulously talented ladies at Petal Pusher!!

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Gabensysmom said...

Just beautiful! Amazing job, really! Love the different angles and the posing of the group shot is just wonderful!

Erin Hanson said...

Tell me how you blog a wedding in one day, you are my hero...must be the MAC :) haha....

Anonymous said...

Wow that one on the stairs! U are AMAZING!! This looks like it was a very cool wedding! :)

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