Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Green Bay Children's Photographer : Little Miss Amelia!!!

Today was a great day! I spent almost 4 hours shopping with my two kiddos...fun is not the word I would use to describe our time together. My little Mimmy (2 yr old) was being herself..incredibly sassy and stubborn. Sullivan was actually being really really well behaved..might have had something to do with my bribing him with a stop at the book store if his behavior was good...I flippin' love bribes!!!!!! But the highlight to our afternoon was running into my very dear friend Kristy and her little sweet pea, Amelia. Funny enough, Amelia was scheduled for pictures with me later in the day....so we got to hang out together twice in one day!!! I'd have to say that our time spent at the mall chasing my little stinkers around was not nearly as fun as taking pictures of the beautiful Miss Amelia. She might be serious, but it is only because she has an old soul...and a contemplative mind...so sweet!

You might recall little Amelia from our previous times together..just see how she has grown!!! Here and here

and here she is now!






-The teddy bear {Stitches} that she is squeezing to death here was her daddy's when he was little...so adorable!







Anonymous said...

WoW. I can't even find words! Gorgeous!

Don Butz said...

You're awesome Aubrey!!!!

Steve said...

Nice shots Aub.

Anonymous said...

Those pics are amazing! Could my neice be any cuter??? - Angie

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

She's making my womb ache! ;)

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