Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Bay maternity photographer: {Sarah and Orion} baby belly!!!!!

Yesterday was a great day for me! I photographed 2 maternity shoots....2 on the same day!!!! I feel so incredibly blessed to have the clients that I do. They are all so genuine and FUN! Sarah and Orion were no exception! We had a great shoot yesterday, and Sarah's belly couldn't have been more perfect!!

I can't wait to meet all of these sweet new babies....Sarah and Orion's little peanut will be arriving sometime around the end of September..they are said to be having a little girl! You will all get to meet her very soon..right after she is born {within the first 10 days} I will be going over to their house to photograph her in her perfect tiny newborn newness....I can't wait!!! I know I said that already, but all these adorable bellies are making my mommy ticker think it is time for another one and I am hoping the new babies will relieve that feeling ;) If any of you have met my little 2 year old daughter, you understand. :)

Here is a little peek at our session!!









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Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures....i always enjoy new blogs!

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