Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Bay Newborn Photographer : {Baby Ethan}....quite unique!

Mr. Ethan was born 5 weeks early and is now 2 weeks old. He weighed in over 7 lbs..big for a the delight of his parents!! He was an absolute angel for our session together today. He hardly cried at all, and when he did it was the most adorable little sound. Such a sweet heart! If every baby were as sweet as Ethan, I would definitely have another one. As it is right now we have our 2 year old drama queen to bring us back down to earth. My little sweet...but really is the very best form of birth control there ever was. Little Ethan, however, is quite dangerous in all his cute perfectness..:)

Enjoy a sneak peek at our time together:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Green Bay Photographer : Clocca Capes visits Photo By Aubrey {at Lemon Drop studio}

Robert is a fabulous stylist/hair designer at Wild Root Salon in East De Pere.

He is also owner of Clocca Capes, where he has designed and created a new hair cape for salon stylists. Today's goal was to take our first set of pictures for his cape design and website. Our second session together will be on Friday with model be on the look out for another attack of the Clocca Capes!!!! And watch for the launch of Roberts website in May (I'll blog about it then to give ya'll a heads up).

Flowers from my honey :)

I know that I already posted about my anniversary being today...but I just had to post one more blog. When I got to my studio today there was a huge, gorgeous arrangement waiting for me. Josh had snuck in and ordered it on Friday....when I was busy with rummage sale stuff. He never buys me it was a real treat. His little card to me was so completely it!!

So, here is my blog..just me bragging about my fun day!

Here are some treats that Angela from Petal Pusher also brought in to share. Good thing I own a few pair of pants with an elastic waistband.

I have a lot to blog from the past few days, so keep in touch and please don't get sick of me!

You can even come out of lurking, and let me know who you are, by leaving a comment;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A rainy day blog from Green Bay


Weather forcast: rain, rain, and more rain. I really do love the rain though, it makes everything smell nice and it makes the grass so much greener. Today I noticed a really fabulous line of magnolia trees that I absolutely have to see in full bloom. So, if you own the house on Grignon with those awesome magnolia trees, I am sorry for stalking you. Ahh, stalking..I really don't mind stalkers. ;) Reminds me of the Victoria Vox song, Peeping Tomette..that song is great..really the whole album is amazing!

Lately I have been really busy with shoots..many little people pictures, and many band/commercial shoots, which are always a new adventure and experience. I have also been busy trying to advance my blogging knowledge. I went away for a few days last week to Chicago with a small group of amazing photographers. Our main goal was to have fun, which we accomplished painlessly. Our second goal was to further our blogging know how. The seminar we went to was more than lacking, so we skipped out and continued to further our knowledge of having fun. It was a really great time..and a much needed mini-break.

I have also been busy learning about this whole "becoming more domestic thing". You ish, and cooking ish, etc etc etc. I am and will always be a work in progress when it comes to these things. But no one can say I didn't try :)

{this picture was taken by Mike at Kim Klein's open house about a year ago}

My husband josh and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary tomorrow...seems unreal that it has been that long since our wedding. We have been an "item" since I was almost 16...10 yrs and counting. He is really an amazing friend, husband, and father. I dislike using really cliche' phrases, but I don't know what I would do without him. He supports all my crazy ideas....sometimes needing to be talked into them..but he still supports me.

Friday, April 17, 2009

a few of my favorite things

cute.little.funny FEET and HANDS!!!!!!! A few of my very favorite things:)

Late yesterday afternoon Karen, who works with my sis Betsy at Wild Root Salon in DePere, brought her two cuties in to see me. Her request was very simple...feet and hands. But the pictures say so much more than just that. They tell a little about the relationship and personality of each of her boys. I love the perspective given from the different angles and levels in the pictures.

Here is a peek at our time together:







{this one is my favorite...I just love how he is peeking out at me}


Thursday, April 16, 2009

trouble x2 :D

I am trying to mix up my blogging a bit..more interesting content...but I suck at writing. To help me today I am going to link out to my client melissa, whose little darlings I photographed today. She is a great writer and has definitely described our morning accurately...and with such humor that I am having complete writers block (probably because I am not a writer..thank goodness all I do is take pictures).

It was a great shoot, absolutely and completely entertaining!!! There is a sneak peek at her pictures above, but I'll post one of the pictures here just for fun!!! ;)

And as always, comments are welcome!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter! {picture heavy}

Soo, yesterday was wild as usual for my little family. We started out the morning at church, then hopped over to my in-laws house for Easter egg hunting (that included prize eggs and toys hidden all over their yard). We ended the day at my sister Em's house, where the kiddos searched for more eggs and we all had dinner together. It was a really nice day :)

First, some pictures in the morning out in our backyard (before all the chocolate):







Then Gramma and Grandpa's house:





Aunt Em's:



{all the Grand kids}

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why trouble?

Why is the gallery of little people on my website labeled trouble?? This is why:


How cute is he!!!!!?????!!!!! My daughter is the same way... aahhhhhhh, to be 2 again. You gotta love it! I had a blast photographing these 2 little men today. Zach was hilarious and so well behaved when we would catch little Sam on the run here and there. Such good boys!

Here is the rest of their sneak peek: