Saturday, August 06, 2011

Green Bay & De Pere Senior pics photographer: Chloe!!!

The other day I photographed Chloe's senior pics. You might remember Chloe from one of my favorite shoots from last year- this one!! Chloe was so easy to photograph- simply gorgeous, with a great sense of humor!!!!!

C blog-2000

C blog-2001

C blog-2002

C blog-2003

C blog-2004

C blog-2005

C blog-2006

C blog-2007

C blog-2008

C blog-2009

C blog-2010

C blog-2011

Green Bay De Pere Family Photographer : sweet Mylah girl!

The other day I photographed Mylah- who is pretty much the sweetest baby I've met this week. She is so cute too!!!! Seriously- I have been surrounded by cute babies lately- so very dangerous. My favorite baby stages are between 5-10 months. They are so pudgy and snuggly and fun!!! I miss those stages....sometimes ;)

Here is Miss Lovely-

M Blog-2004

M Blog-2002

M Blog-2001

M Blog-2000

Green Bay Senior portrait Photographer : Michael's Senior pictures!!!!

AGH! I'm trying to keep up with my blogging, really I am- but it has been so busy. I feel like I've been saying that repeatedly this summer- it's just busy busy busy, but it's true. Being a full time photographer in Wisconsin is tricky- things don't get spread out through out the year like they do in other areas of the country. In Wisconsin you have such a short period of time for wedding season, senior portrait season and any other outdoor shoot requests. It's makes things a little wacky!!!!! SO- I thank ya'll for being so patient with my lack of blogging skills lately :D

Here is a set from Michael's shoot from last week. Mike is just a real cool guy- very genuine and very low made for a great shoot!!!!

Here he is: