Your Session info and Pricing

Session fee for family portraits, child(ren) portraits, pet portraits, etc weekday sessions: $100

Session fee for family portraits, child(ren) portraits, pet portraits, etc weekend sessions: $150

Session fee for senior portraits: $150- $800, depending on locations, services required.  Packages are available.

Sessions are photographed at my studio located at 2200 Dickinson Rd Unit 8C, De Pere, WI and also on location.  I am very familiar with the area and will have many great locations in mind.  If you have a specific spot you would like to use for your session, please let me know!

Sneak peek and Proofing: Within 48 hours of our session, a sneak peek of our time together will be posted on my blog and/or on Facebook!!  Then within 2 weeks the rest of your proofs will be uploaded to my website and available for viewing and purchasing. Orders should be placed within a 2 week viewing period.   If you are uncomfortable purchasing online or would like a more personalized purchasing experience, please contact me and we can meet at my studio.

Forms of payment accepted are cash, check, credit/debit.  

Price per portrait:
8 wallets $20
4x6          $20
5x7          $20
8x10*      $45
10x13*     $70

Larger prints, unique sizes and different mountings are available.

 {Think Square}

*This size portrait will come mounted on high quality styrene.
Additional products for purchase:

10x10 20 page album with weighted, hinged pages...specifically designed just for you. $550

Disc of images with a print release $500

5x7 spiral bound proof book, up to 60 images. $200

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are available and are custom priced starting around $135

Storyboards: Available in many different sizes, your storyboard will contain pictures grouped into a collage.  Pricing is based on the size and mounting starting around $120