Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding wedding WaHoooooooOO!!!

Alika and Deana's wedding today was smoooooooth!!! We had a perfect day...the ceremony was beautiful, the families were so great, and the wedding party was Hilarious!!! How could it not be with so many funny best man jokes....Alika's best man was his cousin, Jessica. She was a trooper and didn't confuse many people, other than the pastor;)

Thanks for having me be part of your is a sneak peek:

green bay wedding
green bay wedding

green bay wedding

green bay wedding

green bay wedding

green bay wedding

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rylee aka Mimmy's future hubby

Rylee was oooooohing at my Mimmy today...I think they might have a future together:) Rylee came to my house today for his 9month photo shoot. We had a lot of fun, he drooled, I teased, he giggled, I teased some more...ah good times. It was tough picking just a few for the blog!!





This was Rylee's first pumpkin experience...I love moments like this!!



Evelyn's 5th Birthday

My niece Evelyn had her 5th birthday party this weekend. The pictures were taken pre-frisbee to the eye....she now has a big boo boo on her eye, courtesy of my son...sigh:(

Evelyn is just about the funniest child EVER. She was posing for me like I was the paparazzi.




And with her sisters:

And I, of course, must post a picture of "the dad" the girls like to say. My kids call him crabby uncle Stv.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Max man

Max is the son of a very good friend of mine. They are some of my very best customers, always showering me with this fam so much!!!

Max was HILARIOUS during our I thought it would only be fitting to post some of the outtakes first. SO funny!!


We did get a bunch of really nice, big boy pictures too. Max was a breeze to work with!





Monday, September 15, 2008

the photo by aubrey darlings

the photo by aubrey darlings consist of my son, Sullivan (Sully) and my baby girl Miriam (Mimmy). They are hands down my toughest subjects when I want them to behave and look cute. BUT sometimes when I just let them have fun, they really get their wild on.
photo by aubrey 5
photo by aubey 6

photo by aubrey 3

photo by aubrey 4

photo by aubrey 2

photo by aubrey 1

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding, take 2 :)

In July, months before their normal wedding date of September 12th, Amy contacted me about a sensitive subject. Her grandmother, who had lived with her family since she was a baby, and helped raise her, was very ill. They didn't think she had much time left and wanted to have a small ceremony so she could see Amy get married, Amy really wanted to be able to share that experience with her.

Amy and Shane's "secret wedding" was beautiful! It was a very private event, but held so much emotion and meaning.

From 10x10 book

Amy's grandmother passed away a few weeks later, but her presence was very much felt yesterday at Shane and Amy's 2nd wedding:)


The bride is calling.....



This wedding party was a blast! They were so fun and had great energy, I didn't even have to tell the boys to behave. The groom told the guys to do whatever I said and they did, they were awesome!!

I asked the group to jump, and they said,"how high"??


adding more pictures:)







And adding even more pics:)




Amy and Shane, thank you so much for having me at both of your weddings, I am truly honored.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holiday time!!

2008 Christmas Cards
Shown below are a few of the holiday design templates for 2008, sizes, and prices. For more designs please go to my website, click on galleries, then click on cards.


If you've done a session with me and you already know which image(s) and card you would like to use, then contact me for purchasing info.

If you would like to book a session for this upcoming season, book your appointment soon! I will be having fall sessions with a discounted session fee every Sunday during the month of October!!

My holiday cards come in sets of 25 and I have several styles, envelopes included!

The simple - $30 per set
Photo cards are 5x7 size, one sided flat cards printed on high quality matte photo paper, from a professional lab.

The bold- $45 per set
Press printed cards are 5x7 size, flat cards that will be printed on both sides. It's a slightly thicker paper than typical photo cards. Printed on uv coated semi-gloss paper from a professional lab.

The timeless- $60 per set
These are folded cards, classic style. They are typically printed on the front, inside right, and back. They can be printed on all 4 sides at no additional cost, just let me know. The cards are printed on uv coated semi-gloss paper from a professional lab.