Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding, take 2 :)

In July, months before their normal wedding date of September 12th, Amy contacted me about a sensitive subject. Her grandmother, who had lived with her family since she was a baby, and helped raise her, was very ill. They didn't think she had much time left and wanted to have a small ceremony so she could see Amy get married, Amy really wanted to be able to share that experience with her.

Amy and Shane's "secret wedding" was beautiful! It was a very private event, but held so much emotion and meaning.

From 10x10 book

Amy's grandmother passed away a few weeks later, but her presence was very much felt yesterday at Shane and Amy's 2nd wedding:)


The bride is calling.....



This wedding party was a blast! They were so fun and had great energy, I didn't even have to tell the boys to behave. The groom told the guys to do whatever I said and they did, they were awesome!!

I asked the group to jump, and they said,"how high"??


adding more pictures:)







And adding even more pics:)




Amy and Shane, thank you so much for having me at both of your weddings, I am truly honored.



Photography By Alyssa said...

Oh wow what a touching story. These are so wonderful. I love that first photo so much.

Gabensysmom said...

Very touching story! You also did a great job with this shoot, very creative! Nice!

Cherron McDonald said...

That is wonderful that you were able to help them out during such a bittersweet moment.

Dana Jackson said...

I love that last shot! Look how high the bride got!!!! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Aubrey! have amazing talent!...I CANNOT wait to see more!

Alice said...

Aubrey...I was not able to go to the wedding because we live in Florida but I so appreciate the beautiful pictures and the description of each. What a beautiful story and I hope that Shane and Amy have the most wonderful life together. (A cousin)

Anonymous said...

Our family has been so blessed by your amazing talent! These pictures are truly precious to us! The best part is how fortunate we were to have our Grandmother help raise us, and how you have obviously captured that feeling in pictures for us to treasure forever and share with younger generations! Moments froze in time! THANK YOU Christel

Anonymous said...

I again am speechless by your talent. Being a part of this wedding was such a privilege. It was a beautiful day for two VERY special people, and you have captured it all in a way that is indescribable. You are such an awesome person and I hope we cross paths again!
Carrie Richlen

Courtney Paris said...

wow, wow, wow.

What a wonderful experience and how great it was that you were able to capture it!

beautiful shots both times!

benilhalk said...

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