Monday, September 15, 2008

the photo by aubrey darlings

the photo by aubrey darlings consist of my son, Sullivan (Sully) and my baby girl Miriam (Mimmy). They are hands down my toughest subjects when I want them to behave and look cute. BUT sometimes when I just let them have fun, they really get their wild on.
photo by aubrey 5
photo by aubey 6

photo by aubrey 3

photo by aubrey 4

photo by aubrey 2

photo by aubrey 1


Cherron McDonald said...

These are so precious! I love the one where they are walking down the lane.

Keri said...

How adorable!!! I LOVE the first one!

Photography By Alyssa said...

How stinken cute. I love him kissing her.

Anonymous said...

Great the suitcase!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mimmy's look in the wild picture:)