Monday, November 22, 2010

Green Bay engagement / wedding Photographer : Kevin and Christine!!!!!

Oh what a day for an engagement shoot- the weather outside was frightful- but the couple was delightful!!! Honestly- these two were serious troopers and we got some great pics. I am SO excited for their wedding next summer- can't wait- I heard some fabulous details today about the bridesmaids dresses and about the vintage decor. Like I said- CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!

Here is a peek at our time together today:












Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Bay Family Photographer: Little Ty!!!

This afternoon I photographed Ty and his mom and dad. Ty is one of those melt your heart kind of guys. SO stinkin' sweet. I mean really- his photo shoot could not have been more pleasant!! I think I'm in love :)

Thanks for coming to visit me, enjoy a peek at your images!!

Tyler blog-20001

Tyler blog-20002

Tyler blog-20003

Tyler blog-20004

Tyler blog-20005

Tyler blog-20006

Tyler blog-20007

Tyler blog-20008

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green Bay newborn Photographer : Baby Violet!!!

Yesterday I photographed the loveliest little brand new peanut!!! Violet is her name and she is the sweetest thing ever...with her fuzzy black hair and her sweet little cheeks. So perfect!!!! Babies like Violet are very dangerous for mommies like me :)

Violet web-2004

Violet web-2005

Violet web-2006

Violet web-2007

Violet web-2003

Violet web-2001

Green Bay Children portrait Photographer : Zinash!!!

I had a great shoot with Zinash this past weekend. She is such a cutie- it was wonderful to photograph her...and her little friend Evie. They were a riot together!!

Thanks for a great shoot, enjoy a peek at your images!!!

Staci Goetz web-2009

Staci Goetz web-2011

Staci Goetz web-2010

Staci Goetz web-2001

Staci Goetz web-2003

Staci Goetz web-2002

Staci Goetz web-2004

Staci Goetz web-2001

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Green Bay Family Photographer: The Haddad Family!

I had the pleasure of photographing the Haddad Family this last weekend! We had a gorgeous fall day. Such a beautiful family. Their dog Remy even joined us for the shoot! Remy was a riot- such a sweet dog.

Thanks for a great shoot!!!!

Haddad family web-2005

Haddad family web-2004

Haddad family web-2003

Haddad family web-2002

Haddad family web-2001

Green Bay Family Photographer: Ang and Bubs and the twinsies!!!

I took pics of my fav people out at my studio this weekend- my little godsons..and their mom and dad. My boys are getting so big- and they are absolutely perfect!!!! 6 MONTHS old!!!!!! That's crazy!!!!!

Here they are in all their cuteness:
Ang and Bubs web -2001

Ang and Bubs web -2002

Ang and Bubs web -2003

Ang and Bubs web -2004

Ang and Bubs web -2005

Ang and Bubs web -2006

Ang and Bubs web -2007

Ang and Bubs web -2008

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Green Bay newborn portrait Photographer : Little Davis man!!

The other day I photographed Davis- a brand new and quite handsome little man. Davis was such a tease- such great expressions!! This first one seriously cracks me up!!!!!!

Davis web-2001

Davis web-2002

Davis web-2003

Davis web-2004

Is that a little smile I see- or gas?? Hmmmm????? I'm gonna call it a smile ;)
Davis web-2006

Davis web-2007

Davis web-2008

Sooo sweet....
Davis web-2009