Sunday, August 30, 2009

Green Bay Maternity Portrait Photographer : {Amy and Shane} 2 of my favorite people!!!

You know how you feel like everything in the world is in its right the right time??? That was our afternoon...Amy and Shane's maternity shoot was scheduled for last weekend, but we just couldn't get the day to work out for us, so we rescheduled for today. The afternoon was perfect!!! Beautiful sunlight and two of my favorite people and their perfectly round belly :)

I had such a great time with both Amy and Shane, as always!! They've had a big year...we've done engagement pictures, wedding pictures, wedding pictures again, and now maternity pictures!!! (If you look through some of my old blog posts you will find their pictures).

I cannot wait to meet your sweet little bundle!!!!!

I LOVE this one!









Friday, August 28, 2009

Green Bay Family Photographer: Missy and Steve {and kiddos}

Today was the perfect day for a family photo shoot in the park...beautiful golden sunlight!!! My cousin Missy is in town with her fam for the weekend, so we decided to take advantage of the weather...I don't get to see them that often, so it was pretty cool!

Their kids are just awesome..they were up for doing whatever I asked, and had a great attitude!!!!

Thanks for a fun shoot you guys!!

This is one of my favs..
M and S-8web

M and S-2web

M and S-3web

Now...this one is cute.........
M and S-4web

But this one is a riot!!!!
M and S-5web

so sweeeeet :)
M and S-6web

M and S-7web

M and S-9web

M and S-10web

M and S-12web

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green Bay Senior portrait Photographer : {Sam} Senior pictures!!!!

This evening I photographed Sam's senior pictures :) Sam is going into her senior year at Bay Port High School. She is very involved in sports (basketball) and DECA.....she went to state for DECA and is hoping to make it to nationals this year!! Rock on Sam, Rock on!!! Such a cool gal!!

Enjoy a peek at some of our pictures from today:

Sam jones-1web

Sam jones-10web

Sam jones-8web

Sam jones-4web

Sam jones-6web

Sam jones-3web

Sam jones-2 web

Sam jones-5web

Sam jones-9web

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Green Bay Senior portrait photographer: {Churie and Cole} twins!!!!.Double trouble, double fun!!

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I had the pleasure of photographing Chuire and Cole's senior class pics. They are twins.....and complete opposites. It was way too cute. I really had fun doing all of the different pictures..even while working within the challenges that we did=RAIN :( It was raining for our entire shoot...big thanks to mom for holding that umbrella over me while I photographed the twins. We even did some pictures of the three of them together......really cool!!!

Thanks for a great shoot you guys!!!







c and c favs-12web

c and c favs-13web

c and c favs-15web

c and c favs-16 web

c and c favs-14web

Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Bay Senior portrait Photographer : {Shelby} Senior pictures!!!!

Shelby Shelby Shelby!!! What can I say..I think we were meant to meet. I loved taking your pictures this evening! You are a true beauty, and you have such an "old soul" as I love to call it. Very classic and simple! Not to mention great taste in music, books, and movies!!!

I hope you love these images as much as I do! <3

Shelby favs-1web

At first I thought this one should be in color, but the black and just stunning!
Shelby favs-5web

Shelby favs-2web

Shelby favs-3web

Shelby favs-8web

This might be one of my all time favs..I love everything about it!
Shelby favs-6web

Shelby favs-9 web

Shelby favs-11 web

Shelby favs-10 web

Green Bay Senior portrait Photographer : {Grace} Senior pictures!!!!

I had a fabulous shoot this morning with Miss Grace...and friends:) Grace is an aspiring photographer....probably much farther along as a photographer than I was at her age, so cool!! She had many fun outfits..with great accessories, and let me choose the locations. We ran around De Pere by some of the older buildings, then down by the lovely Fox River, and THEN we went into the country...Rockland territory. We took pictures at the old town hall in Rockland...which is completely my old stomping grounds. I used to go to 4-H there and as I got older it became a cool place to get away and hang with friends. It's been years since I've been there..and it was kind of sad. The building is completely in decay status...which made for some cool pictures..but kind of dampens my memories of the good times there. Lots of good times!

Thanks for an awesome shoot Grace..and friends ;)

Grace favs-2web

Grace favs-3web

Grace favs-5web

Grace favs-6web

Grace favs-7web

Grace favs-8web

Grace favs-9web

Grace favs-10web

Grace favs-11 web

Grace favs-12 web

This is one of my it!!!
Grace favs-13 web

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