Monday, April 27, 2009

Flowers from my honey :)

I know that I already posted about my anniversary being today...but I just had to post one more blog. When I got to my studio today there was a huge, gorgeous arrangement waiting for me. Josh had snuck in and ordered it on Friday....when I was busy with rummage sale stuff. He never buys me it was a real treat. His little card to me was so completely it!!

So, here is my blog..just me bragging about my fun day!

Here are some treats that Angela from Petal Pusher also brought in to share. Good thing I own a few pair of pants with an elastic waistband.

I have a lot to blog from the past few days, so keep in touch and please don't get sick of me!

You can even come out of lurking, and let me know who you are, by leaving a comment;)


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Anonymous said...

how sweet! what a great guy...and what great treats ang brought in...glad you had a such a wonderful day! (i really have no idea what to do on blogs...not sure if this comment will ever reach you but it's worth a know I am oh so new to this bloggin thing??!! oh no..i don't know what an identity is?? do I have one? this is bad!! I guess I will go anonymous...hmmm I need help!)

Erin Hanson said...

oh... love it!