Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Bay Senior portrait Photographer : {Emme's senior pictures} class of 2010!

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with Emme, who is going to be a senior at East De Pere high school this year. Emme brought along her friend Hannah, who has her senior shoot with me later today...so look forward to more pictures between today and tomorrow!!

What I found out about Emme yesterday: She loves tennis and saxophone, she detests spiders, flies, sticky gooey "what-is-that" things, and picker plants!! We actually had a ton of fun on our shoot, and discovered a few hidden gem locations in Green Bay...it is unbelievable the spots you can find while wandering and taking a few chances!!

Thanks for a great shoot Emme!!! And thank you Hannah for being a great foliage holder ;) See you guys later today!!!








I love this one!! We found this AMAZING location squished between buildings in downtown Green Bay..unreal!



Taylor Raye said...

wow dear you look hot she did a really good job

Gabensysmom said...

Beautiful! Shes is stunning...LOVE the last one...great location!

Elise Marie said...

Amazing job! Emme you look stunning. I love all of them. [:

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