Thursday, July 09, 2009

Green Bay Children's Photographer : Gabby's 1 !!!!!

Little Miss Gabby is one of my favorite little people to photograph! I have had the pleasure of taking her pictures for the past year and let me tell you, she is one amazing child!! She was so funny today..not in a completely ecstatic mood, but still adorable. Gabby is in the ...super fast crawling on all fours, almost walking completely on her own.... phase. It was pretty much a riot with her today. Gabby also really enjoys eating everything she finds on the ground...and I do mean everything. I'm not going to say that she ate rabbit poo, might have eaten some rabbit poo. The funniest bit was how angry she was when her mommy took it away. It's a rough life, this being "1" business ;)

Here is a sneak peek at our time together today!












Heather Latimer said...

These are all so cute and very representative of a one year old! I love the second one and the one of her crawling away in the tutu. So cute!!!

Jodi said...

I love them Aubrey!! So excited to see the rest. Good thing those were cheerios in her mouth in the pic...:)

nicholle goodnight said...

aubrey.. great! cutie pie!

Cole Twins said...

I too have come to love this little girl!! Her pics are FANTASTIC!!!
Great job Aubrey!!!

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