Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Bay Photographer : My BFF !!! and her dog Chewy

My bff {Alicia} lives in Texas, where she works as an art teacher and coaches multiple sporting activities. She is home on vacation for the next week or so and we are getting quality catch-up time together. She visited me today with her doggy, Chewy and her mom...{one of the best mom's ever...other than my own and my lovely mother-in-law}. I took advantage of her visit and made her pose for some pics, we had a great time together! We might not keep in touch like we should, but we always fall right back into place :)

Alicia has been Tex-A-fied...she talks like a Texas gal now...can't understand anything she says..luckily we both talk with our hands....kind of like sign language, really breaks down the language barrier:D

Here is a peek at our Alicia calls it (I call it a lil' photo shoot...but...whatever).

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