Thursday, July 07, 2011

Green Bay Wedding Photographer : Katrina & Mark- Got hitched!!!!

I love having a busy weekend- days filled with family and friends and kissing and dancing....
a busy weekend to bump us full blown into wedding season!! The first wedding we had was Friday- with Mark and Katrina. It was a really sweet and simple wedding- so perfect for the two of them. They are two very cool- fun loving people- with great humor!! Enjoy a peek at their wedding day:

K and M blog-2001

K and M blog-2002

K and M blog-2003

K and M blog-2004

K and M blog-2005

K and M blog-2007

K and M blog-2008

K and M blog-2009

K and M blog-2010

K and M blog-2011

K and M blog-2012

K and M blog-2013

K and M blog-2014

K and M blog-2015

K and M blog-2016

K and M blog-2017

K and M blog-2018

K and M blog-2019

K and M blog-2020

K and M blog-2021

K and M blog-2022

K and M blog-2023

K and M blog-2024

K and M blog-2025


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Aubrey I LOVE them!!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics can't wait to see more!! sister of the bride