Thursday, July 07, 2011

Green Bay, De Pere family photographer : Two sweet little men....

Today I photographed 2 adorable little guys. Evan will be turning 4 in a few months and little Isaac will be the big ONE tomorrow! These two were seriously perfect and smiley and so stinkin' sweet. Ah, what I would give to have another boy...but that would mean having another baby and I'm just not sure if I'm up to doing that again ;) I'll stick to borrowing the sweet babes!!

E and I blog-2000

E and I blog-2001

E and I blog-2002

E and I blog-2003

I swear, he only looked at me with this expression for like two seconds, but I thought mom would get a kick out of serious. This has got to be a face that is handed down- so perfect!
E and I blog-2004

E and I blog-2005

E and I blog-2006

E and I blog-2007

E and I blog-2008

E and I blog-2009

E and I blog-2010

E and I blog-2011

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