Friday, July 22, 2011

Green Bay and De Pere Wedding Photographer: Becky and Colin- Married!!!!!!!

Last weekend I photographed one of my all-time favorite couples wedding day. Colin and Becky are two people that I truly admire and completely adore. They are honest and funny and so so so genuine- it was an honor to photograph their wedding day and just to be a part of everything. It was so hard narrowing down the images for the preview- seriously- I wanted to show like 200 of them, but I had to be choosy!!!!

I just love these guys!

C and B blog-2001

They chose to do a first look/reveal prior to their ceremony. It was so nice!! I love it when couples go that route...then they can really take the time to breathe a little and see one another.
C and B blog-2002

C and B blog-2003

C and B blog-2004

C and B blog-2005

C and B blog-2006

C and B blog-2007

C and B blog-2008

C and B blog-2009

C and B blog-2010

C and B blog-2011

C and B blog-2012

C and B blog-2013

C and B blog-2014

C and B blog-2015

These guys were all a riot!!!!!
C and B blog-2024

bwahahahahahaha!!! I love this shot SO much!
C and B blog-2025

and of course the gorgeous girls!!! Everyone in the wedding party was super nice and really mellow- it was a great day!
C and B blog-2026

How cute are they, right??!!
C and B blog-2027

C and B blog-2028

C and B blog-2029

C and B blog-2030

C and B blog-2031

They had such a beautiful cake, but the topper was awesome!
C and B blog-2032

C and B blog-2033

C and B blog-2039

C and B blog-2034

C and B blog-2035

C and B blog-2036

Like I said- I adore them, how could anyone not??!!?
C and B blog-2037

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