Thursday, July 07, 2011

Green Bay, Door County, De Pere Wedding Photographer : Sam & Ole- all you need is love!!!

The second day of our love filled weekend was Saturdays wedding with Sam and Ole- and family and friends. Their day was all about their love for each other and their love and appreciation for their family and friends. Their ceremony and reception was at the Woodwalk Gallery. It was really unique to them- Ole's Uncle performed the ceremony. It was a perfect, beautiful day!!

Enjoy a peek at their Door County wedding:
S and O blog-2001.jpg

S and O blog-2002.jpg

S and O blog-2003.jpg

S and O blog-2004.jpg

S and O blog-2005.jpg

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S and O blog-2008.jpg

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S and O blog-2010.jpg

Coolest wedding group ever!
S and O blog-2011.jpg

S and O blog-2012.jpg

Really couldn't get enough of this kid- Jake- you are hilarious!!!
S and O blog-2013.jpg

S and O blog-2014.jpg

S and O blog-2016.jpg

S and O blog-2017.jpg

S and O blog-2018.jpg

I just love this shot that Josh got from the side-
S and O blog-2019.jpg

S and O blog-2020.jpg

S and O blog-2021.jpg

Lady killer ;)
S and O blog-2022.jpg

S and O blog-2023.jpg

S and O blog-2025.jpg

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S and O blog-2043.jpg

The tables were set up so cool- Ole and Sam had each table listed as a special place where they/one of them/thier family had visited. A place that held special meaning to them.

S and O blog-2045.jpg

S and O blog-2046.jpg

S and O blog-2030.jpg

Ole's dad built her a swing up at Woodwalk, the week before the wedding!

S and O blog-2035.jpg

S and O blog-2034.jpg

S and O blog-2033.jpg

S and O blog-2032.jpg

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S and O blog-2039.jpg

S and O blog-2042.jpg

and the ceremony-
S and O blog-2047.jpg

S and O blog-2048.jpg

S and O blog-2049.jpg

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S and O blog-2052.jpg

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S and O blog-2057.jpg

Now, during the sermon, Ole's Uncle was talking about how strong their love was for one another and how that strength would become their bond even more so, as their years together went on. He then compared it to duct tape- which was awesome! Then he shared some duct tape with the guests- it was great- lots of good catchers out there!!!

S and O blog-2059.jpg

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S and O blog-2066.jpg

S and O blog-2069.jpg

The Mr & Mrs!!
S and O blog-2072.jpg

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S and O blog-2074.jpg

From there it was just fun all around. The guests played yard games, visited, ate a fabulous dinner and then enjoyed some dancing time, with a live band!!

S and O blog-2091.jpg

S and O blog-2090.jpg

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S and O blog-2080.jpg

S and O blog-2092.jpg

S and O blog-2085.jpg

S and O blog-2083.jpg

Ole and Sam had the coolest wedding bands I've ever seen- Josh agreed with me, so it must be true!

S and O blog-2086.jpg

S and O blog-2087.jpg

S and O blog-2088.jpg

S and O blog-2089.jpg

S and O blog-2093.jpg

I love everything about this shot..
S and O blog-2094.jpg

S and O blog-2095.jpg

S and O blog-2096.jpg

S and O blog-2097.jpg


Mama Beth said...

Beautiful job Aubrey. Thank you for your thoughtful attention to who Sam and Ole are. I want to do it all again it was such a fun day...week.
Blessing on Sam & Ole.

The Pie Princess of Madison, WI said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for putting so much love and energy into their special day.