Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Bay wedding : Engagement Photographer : Becky and Colin!!!!!!!

All you need is love....and these two have a lot of it. It's easy to see!!!! My shoot with Becky and Colin was easy peasy- they are so comfortable with one another- and with me. I can't wait for their wedding next summer. They are both St. Norbert College grads- Becky now works there. They will also be married there!!!! Yay!!!

C and B-2002

C and B-2001

C and B-2003

C and B-2004

C and B-2005

C and B-2006

C and B-2007

C and B-2008

C and B-2009

C and B-2010

C and B-2011

C and B-2012

C and B-2013

C and B-2014

C and B-2015

C and B-2016

C and B-2017

C and B-2018

C and B-2019

C and B-2020

C and B-2021

C and B-2024

C and B-2026

C and B-2025


Anonymous said...

Amazingly gorgeous! All of it: the bride, the groom, the settings, the lighting, the angles, and the outfits. Just perfect! These two are clearly deeply in love! Aubrey, you just as wonderful and talented as Becky said you are!


Anonymous said...

those two are just way way too cute. Gorgeous photos!

Jewellers said...

Beautiful pictures, just stunning. Love the black and white shots, lighting works really well. Great job.

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