Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Bay family Photographer: MINI SESSION MADNESS!

Ooooooooh yes- Mini Session Madness is here!!!!! I had my first full day of mini sessions this past Saturday- it was wild and awesome and completely fabulous..the weather, the people, I couldn't have asked for better. Thanks everyone for such a great day!

Enjoy a peek of all my peeps!!!

A few from my first crew of 4- little Miss Lilly tried her darndest to keep her smile from me, but I am so used to 3 yr old diva's- for real, I know what's up!!




My next session was with Tevyn- for his 18month pics. He wasn't very happy with me when we first started out, but then with a little flirting and some snacks, he warmed right up!!!




Next came "The Alaskans", as they are jokingly called around our house :) Terry and Rebekah are family from Alaska that just happened to be home visiting- it worked out perfectly! Their little peanut, Alma, is just the sweetest and most mild natured baby. She didn't give me any huge gummy smiles, but she was just perfect anyway- her eyes did the smiling for her!





Then little Malia arrived. Now I have photographed Malia since she was a tiny little newborn. She is one beautiful beautiful girl- it has been so much fun to watch her grow through the different stages. Now here she is as a big old one year old!!




Ethan and family were my next photo shoot and I have to admit that I am really quite smitten with Ethan. He is SO stinkin' handsome!! I mean really, who could not LOVE this face??!!!!!





The last two sessions of my evening (before I completely ended the day with pics of my family, including some of my adorable nieces- which I will post later) were with a crew of people that I do completely consider family. I just love these guys. That's all I can say. I love them. I love their kids, I loves how unselfish they are- all the time. They make me want to be a better person- however that does not mean I will start baking. You can thank me now. Really- they brought me baked goods- yummy cookies and banana bread and a gift card and WINE!!!! YUm YUm YUM!! Thanks so much Sitzman-Mic-Smith's, I love you all. Even the Shanes'. ;)





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I want the big girl version of Alma's jumper!

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