Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Bay newborn portrait Photographer : Baby Addy!

Last week was filled with so many different photo shoots. I photographed newborns, senior class pictures, family photos, head shots- a little bit of everything! That is why I love being a photographer- every day is something new and brings with it little moments that are irreplaceable. There is nothing quite like it in the whole world. Especially when photographing newborns:)

Little Miss Addy was one of my photo shoots from last week. She is just a few weeks old and is sooooo incredibly precious. I love babies- their soft hair, tiny hands and feet, little sleepy eyes!!

Here is a peek at just a few of the images we got that day:



sleepy baby!!!!


In this picture Addy is wearing the baptismal gown that was worn by her grandmother's grandfather!!! So amazing!



Keep checking the blog through out the day and the week- I have a ton of new images from all the different sessions to put up!!!!!!!

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