Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Green Bay Newborn Photographer : Olive Pearl!

Little Olive was born a few weeks ago- to a lovely couple- Denise and Brian. I remember 9 or so months ago when I ran in to Brian and Denise at Caliente and asked them my token question- "when are you two going to finally have a baby"? I was expecting the normal eye roll and small chat, but Denise and Brian turned bright red- they were blushing and smiling secretively. SO of course I knew immediately that they were expecting. I was the very first person to know- simply because they are both so bad at fibbing! They had literally, that afternoon, found out they were expecting their first baby!!

Now that Olive Pearl has arrived, it is plain to see they were meant to be parents. They are just so sweet with her, it's completely adorable!

Here she is- pictured with her momma for some....BUT don't worry Brian, I will get you in some pictures very soon...just not that day. Brian was covered with oil and grease from the dismantling of his VW Van (which I also hope in the future to take a family picture of them with that VW Van).









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