Thursday, October 15, 2009

Green Bay Family Photographer: "S" Fam!!!!

Yesterday morning I came to the studio bright and early...weeeellll not so much bright, but the early part is right on:) I met up with the "S" family for their photo shoot. We already had to reschedule once, so we really wanted to make yesterday work. Poor Dad had just gotten off of his overnight shift...but man was he a good sport! Especially when I brought out the rubber chicken. I know I've said it before...that thing really creeps me out. BUT the kids loved it! Way too funny!

I know ya'll will remember these two cuties from our past sessions together, here and here. I have to say that I am never bored with these guys around. They are a riot! Miss Nora is completely coming out of her "stranger anxiety" phase. She was seriously cute!!! Tate didn't disappoint either!!!

Thanks you guys-for a great shoot!!!










Melissa said...

Love love love them!!! Thank you for putting them up!

Man, I have a chubby face, though. Geez.

Angela said...

Love em! The one with mom and dad kissing the little girl is soooo good!

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