Sunday, June 07, 2009

Green Bay Family Photographer: Amazing 80 !

Yesterday my husbands family got together to celebrate his grandmother's 80th birthday..which is actually today..HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA ROSE ANN!!! We met at Pamperin Park in the morning..before the rain started and we took some pictures together. Pretty much everyone I knew was busy yesterday, so I asked my sister Betsy to come and take the group picture..and other pictures that I actually needed to be in:) Betsy was awesome..I set the camera for her and she made us all smile and snap!

Thanks Bets for taking some sweet pics;) I also had her take some of my little fam and me..since we were all cleaned up and cuteish looking.

Enjoy a peek at some of our images from the morning. If you look closely in the group picture you can see my little guy (the blond)..doing some serious pouting..can you tell he really dislikes picture time. Could be me inflicting torture on him his whole 5 years!!!

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