Sunday, June 07, 2009

Green Bay Engagement Photographer: Second Shooter..

A few months ago I started talking to my friend Angie, over at Petal Pusher, about second shooting/assisting me. She loves photography and has an amazing eye for detail, fashion, and composition..which shows in all of her floral design work..and baking (don't even get me started on the baking..A-maz-Ing). I wanted to take a minute to show off some of her work from our first shoot together, photographing Willie and Rose's engagement pictures. Angie did an awesome job and I can't wait to see where she will go from here!!! (You might even see more work from her up here in the near future;).

Thanks Ang!!!

Images photographed by Angela Kusek-Schubert
Images edited by Aubrey

The greatest thing about working with another shooter is the different perspectives. I loved seeing the angles that Ang shot at, in comparison to the same set up that I photographed. It was really great to see them side by side..same shooting time, 2 completely unique images..SO cool!


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Gabensysmom said...

Adorable set! Love the location, it's so pretty!