Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Harrison's 1 year pictures!!

Today I photographed little Harrison's 1 year pictures. It always creeps up on me and amazes me how much happens in a year!! A year and a few weeks ago..I was taking Amy's maternity pictures. So unreal. Harrison is one of the sweetest and cutest kiddos ever! I can honestly say that he truly made my morning- he was perfect and super entertaining, which is no surprise considering who his parents are. Frank and Amy (dad and mom) can be found all over Wisconsin singing their hearts out. Frank is one of the minds behind Let me be Frank Productions. I have the honor of doing their group photographs and promo posters!! Working with Frank is great because he is a true born entertainer, but even more so he is such a giver. Frank does so much in the community to give back, it's really impressive! So- if you see him running around town or performing, give the man a hug or high five and thank him for all he does!

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