Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Bay and De Pere Wedding Photographer: Mandy & Dan- Engaged!!

My second shoot on Sunday was with Dan and Mandy. They are THE cutest couple- seriously! Mandy is just so easy to talk to. When she came in for her consult with me, I think we talked for like 2 hours or something. I love that. Both her and Dan had a few spots they really wanted to go to- which was great...we went to some really cool locations that I had not been to before. I'll definitely be going back :)

Check out a peek at our shoot....
LOVED this barn....on the property of Simon Creek Winery. This place has very quickly become a favorite location. The staff was super friendly!

M and D eng blog-2001

M and D eng blog-2002

M and D eng blog-2003

and we had a little wine.....
M and D eng blog-2004

M and D eng blog-2005

M and D eng blog-2007

Then we headed out to Whitefish Dunes and Cave Point, along Lake Michigan. I haven't been there in years!
M and D eng blog-2008

M and D eng blog-2009

M and D eng blog-2010

M and D eng blog-2011

M and D eng blog-2012

M and D eng blog-2013

M and D eng blog-2015

M and D eng blog-2016

M and D eng blog-2017

To end the day we headed back near Green Bay and stopped off at Bay Shore Park for a bit of the sun coming down...
M and D eng blog-2018
and for a bit of play time in the water!!
M and D eng blog-2019

M and D eng blog-2020

Sigh....great way to end the day...
M and D eng blog-2021

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Jimmy said...

Very nice shots! You caught the momentum of the mood and made it look even more romantic! Keep it up!

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