Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Green Bay and De Pere Wedding Photographer: Courtney & Matt- Engaged!!!!

What a wild weekend- 2 amazing shoots in one of my very favorite places....Door County!! Luckily the weather cooperated. I was getting worried...you never know in Wisconsin- one day it's 80, the next its in the low 50's!!! Craziness!

My first shoot was with a fantastically awesome couple- Courtney and Matt. I really adore these two- and their super cute dog, Riley. It was just such a funny, mellow shoot. Perfect perfect day :)

Here is a peek at our afternoon:
We started off at one of my favorite spots, that incorporates decades of love....Anderson Dock. Families and lovers come to this location to leave their mark.
a and m eng blog-2002

a and m eng blog-2003

a and m eng blog-2004

a and m eng blog-2005

a and m eng blog-2006

a and m eng blog-2008

It's so nice finally being able to shoot out in the sun!!!!! YAY!!

a and m eng blog-2009

a and m eng blog-2010

a and m eng blog-2011

The fabulous Riley- who was super thrilled to run around outside- he loved the orchard!!
a and m eng blog-2012

a and m eng blog-2014

a and m eng blog-2013

Then it was definitely time to stop for a quick treat.....YUM!
a and m eng blog-2016

a and m eng blog-2018

a and m eng blog-2019

a and m eng blog-2021

a and m eng blog-2022

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