Saturday, January 09, 2010

Green Bay family Photographer: Sara Sara Sara!!!

This afternoon I giggled and I giggled and I giggled some more, while photographing my little friend Sara. What can I say about little Sara? She isn't so little anymore, in fact she is such a big kid I almost didn't recognize her! I photographed her family in October of 2008. Sara was so much fun to photograph. She is at a great age...not old enough yet to not laugh at my stinky feet jokes, but just old enough to be a little shy:) She is one sweet little lady and we had a wonderful time!

Enjoy a peek at our photo-shoot:









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Micfam3 said...

Oh Aubrey! I LOVE these pictures of Sara. I'm afraid Dan is in complete denial saying, "I really like them all, but she looks too old!" I told him that's because she's growing up. His reply was "Shut up!" Oh my! The next couple of years may be rough:) Thank you for the wonderful pics of our not so little girl!