Sunday, December 06, 2009

Green Bay Family Photographer: My new little friends :)

Once in awhile I take photo shoots on a Sunday...not too often because I spend that day with my family. A few days ago I was contacted by a Mommy who had seen some pictures on my blog...of a friends children. She wanted to see if I could get her twin 8..almost 9 month old babies in for a shoot before Christmas. Today was the only day that would work in time for Christmas...and I WAS SO excited to photograph them. They did not disappoint! Gavin was a tiny bit shy at first, but then he and I became fast pals...he pretty much had me at hello;) Little Sadie is such a little beauty and a complete tease. We got a few great smiles, but then she really wanted to get a move on. All in all it was a fabulous shoot, and I had a great time!

Enjoy a peek at our morning!



I LOVE their expressions in this one, especially Gavin's...a total riot!

These two are so funny too, she kept taking the ball from him and that didn't make him very happy, but it was way too cute!


Hello handsome!!!! He is such a funny baby, this face just cracks me up!!!!

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