Friday, May 08, 2009

Green Bay wedding Photographer : Perfect day for a wedding!!

Bride check
Groom check
flowers check
love, family, happiness, SUN, joy check check check check check
and me:)

Today was beautiful! I had the privilege of photographing Max and Ilia's intimate wedding. They had a small ceremony followed by a reception at Titletown, all with close family members. It was perfectly them..simple and classic! Thank you both so much for having me be a part of your day!!

Here is a peek at our time together:


Flowers by Petal Pusher, my very favorite flower shop!!!










Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! Great job!


Lacey said...

These photos are amazing, Aubrey. Max is my cousin, so nice job making him look fabulous... Ilia needs no help :) Hope all is well with you. It looks like you have a wonderful business here. Best wishes.

Lacey O'Connor

Angela Kusek-Schubert said...

Rockin! What a fun wedding- her dress was amazing!
Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Mr.& Mrs. Max Neuman..........
We enjoyed seeing the great pictures of your wedding...we send you our very best wishes for a wonderful life. You both look so happy and lovely, even Max with a tie on !! love you .....aunt Pat & Uncle larry

Anonymous said...

Wow...Amazing, wonderful! love it, especially the last two, You really are a great photo lady! thanks for blogging and sharing your talent with the rest of us! :)

a d r said...

Congratulations Max and Ilia. Good health and long life.

Ryan Clark.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Aubrey you captured their personalities so perfectly. Two really extraordinary people who have found the last piece of that big puzzle called life in each other. Beautiful. Wonderful.

Congratulations and best wishes to Max and Ilea.

Aunt Maureen

Cole Twins said...


Photography By Alyssa said...

This looks like a small wedding filled with tons of love. I love her bouquet colors. I am sure they will treasure these photos for years to come.

Aubrey said...

Just wanted to thank everyone for the awesome comments!!! :D

willowdawn said...

I too love the last two shots... and I love small intimate weddings, allowing everyone to focus on the couple and their love. Best wishes and congratulations to the beautiful couple!