Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Bay & De Pere Family Photographer: One of my lovies!!

FIRST: A quick hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steve- who checks my blog religiously and always lets me know when I haven't been blogging enough. Thanks for the kick in the arse....

Now onto more important things: Mims!!!!!!
Mimmy is definitely my little "picture girl". She loves the attention and the dressing up and all that fun- and she never disappoints!! Today we went shopping for some shoes and ended up with a few extra things....having a girl is dangerous!!!!!! We did get shoes too though ;) Then we had a little fashion show. She has been coming to the studio with me every now and then to "help" with little projects. It's always an adventure with her...she is a very determined little person!! Although she did inform me today that she is done being sassy and will no longer be throwing fits. HA! We shall see....

Here are a few images of our fashion show:









Steve said...

She's a beaut.
Nice bit of pics too, as usual.

Diamond Rings said...

Beautiful images as usual. Great to have images of these amazing memories.