Monday, April 19, 2010

Green Bay Family Photographer: Twins, a wedding, band pictures, prom...etctetctetc

Where have I been, right!!???!!! I haven't blogged in awhile, which is totally weird for me. It used to be that I blogged everything that I photographed that held any meaning....just to keep my blog active! Now that the spring season is in full swing I am having a rough time keeping up with my blogging. I have been SO busy! The next few days you will see some new blog posts- all different themes- weddings-babies-band pictures! I might even throw in a few pictures of my sweet little people.

For today I wanted to share some pictures I took of Gavin and Sadie from this weekend. These two cuties just turned one! They were all about exploring and checking things out around the studio- we even hit the outdoors!

Enjoy a peek at our session!!







Thanks for a great shoot, you two!

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