Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Bay Photographer: Goodies!! 3x3 mini books

I am so excited to announce my Fan Page on Facebook! I am still in the process of getting more images up there and organizing everything, but it is a good start! In response to all who join my page, I am offering a special- beginning now and continuing through the month of April- Any sessions SCHEDULED during this time will receive three of these adorable mini albums. That doesn't mean your session has to take place in March or April, you just have to schedule your date/time and pay your session fee to hold the date. Easy Peasy!

A peek at the minis:




Angela said...

So cute! Great idea! I'll have to do these for the boys so I can keep them in my purse to show off!

Aubrey said...

Thanks Ang! I can't wait to take pictures of your boys...well I can wait a few more weeks, I guess :)

Power Baseball said...

Where can these mini books be ordered online?